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Personality Test: How to Express Yourself

Preparations for the Interview of the Civil Services Examination is very crucial, as it decides your rank in the final selection. The interview (personality test) carries 275 marks. The fact is that the marks obtained obtains by the aspirants in the interview vary, i.e., one aspirant obtains 225 marks out of 275 marks, while the other gets only 125 marks. This huge gap between the marks obtained impacts your final merit.

     With regard to the preparations for the interview, some aspirants do not find the need to prepare for the interview. They think that the knowledge they have is sufficient for appearing in the interview. Remember, the interview is in reality a personality test. Any person’s personality can not be built in few days or months. The knowledge acquired since childhood, the upbringing and experience together build your overall personality. Hence, you should refine and improve your personality by doing practice and hard work. You must devote some of your time for the preparations of interview.

     After appearing in the Mains exam, some aspirants waste many months in speculating and calculating the result. If you are thinking that you will prepare for the interview only after seeing the mains exam result, then it is quite possible that you may get only one week or one month time for its preparations. Undoubtedly, you cannot do the complete preparation of interview in such a short span of time, but still, you can try to some of your shortcoming and can refine personality. I will once again reiterate that keep preparing for the interview even before the declaration of the mains exam result, and do not delay it.

The Objective of the Interview (Personality Test)

The Interview of the Civil Services Examination is conducted at the UPSC building situated in Delhi. Your interview will be taken by any of the various Interview Boards, constituted for this purpose. The chairman of every Interview Board is the member of the Union Public Service Commission. Generally, an Interview Board is comprised of one chairman and four other members.

     The interview board is entrusted with the responsibility of testing the suitability of the aspirants for a career in the Civil Services examination is meant to know: how is your personality, how desire to learn. The Interview Board wants to test your mental abilities as well as your socio-practical qualities, i.e., mental awareness, clear and logical expression, balanced view, leadership skill, integrity, awareness towards the subjects of common interest and daily events. Besides testing the aspirant’s language, the choice of words and patience are also tested. In May understanding, an aspirant should have a certain level of the developed qualities, like maturity, logical attitude, communication skills, a detailed and broad base of accumulated knowledge, positivity, presence of mind, balanced view etc.

Preparations for Interview

You must not worry about your preparations for the interview before appearing in the Mains examination. After appearing in the examination, if you are optimistic. About clearing it, then start the preparations for interview. Keep in mind that there is no need to hurry, as you will get sufficient time after the mains exam for the preparation of interview.

     You are advised to adopt the following ways for the preparations of Interview.

Preparations Just before the Interview

Keep the following things in mind just before the interview:

How to Face the Interview Board?

The Interview is conducted in two shifts: morning and afternoon shifts. Firstly, all your original documents (which have been demanded) are verified at the UPSC head quarters in Delhi. To avoid the last minute confusion, arrange your documents in a well organized manner at home itself. You will be asked to sit on your table in a hall, where other aspirants are also sitting. Do not go into any detailed discussion with them. Of course, you can introduce yourself or exchange smiles in order to feel comfortable. Never underestimate yourself by thinking that a certain aspirant is more qualified than you, or you have less knowledge than the other one has.

          The following are some important tips to face the Interview Board:

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